2024: New Flavors & Products Galore

2024: New Flavors & Products Galore

Hello Wonderland! We hope your new year is as bright as ours. Hold onto that sweet tooth me hearties, because this candy crew is about to drop some delicious taste explosions. We're not just spilling the beans; we're throwing an entire gummy party. In addition to our entire HHC line going back on the shelves soon, we’re doubling our selection of Rabbit Hole Delta 9 Gummies.

New Flavors: Get ready for the jaw-dropping lineup we've got in store. We're introducing not one, not two, but five new standalone jars of gummies. Raspberry, orange mango, green apple, wild cherry, and peach are about to hit the scene. Brace yourselves for a taste bud rollercoaster. And look out later this spring for our Gummy of the Month club - and receive a new flavor each month!

Rabbit Hole Nights: We get it. Sometimes you need a little extra somethin' somethin' for those couchlock nights. That's why we're unleashing the "Nights" version over the next week. It's like a VIP lounge, with a natural formula to promote restful sleep and chillaxing, presented in a velvety-dark mix of juicy grape, blueberry, and blackberry flavors. Ideal for your late-night shenanigans or Netflix binges.

Other New Products: Here's the scoop on what's coming next. We're expanding our repertoire to include seeds and a bunch of other cool stuff. But, and there's always a but, we're waiting on credit card processors to let us get everything back on the shelves! Soon, you'll be able to snag more than just candies to satisfy your cravings.

Plastic Seals Phased Out: Last thing, did you notice the change in our packaging? You’ll gradually stop seeing plastic rings as we phase them out, replacing them with foam under the lids. But hey, if you think your seal is on vacation, check the top of the lid—it might've pulled a Houdini during the grand opening. We’re doing everything we can to make sure nobody ‘dips’ into your order before you get it; know that all products go directly from factory to distribution office, and are all packaged and sent with additional security tape to deter would-be dippers.

So, ValuRebels, buckle up for a wild ride. 2024 is gonna be sweet, sassy, and packed with more wackiness than a Mad Tea Party. Get ready to indulge in the chaos because your sesh is about to get even more epic!

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