Find our answers to your frequently asked questions (and issues). Please contact us if you can't find help below. Important Note: If you are relatively new to these types of products, please review our recommendations below regarding dosage and first-time use.


Are ValuSesh products legal?

ValuSesh products are hemp or hemp-derived, compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill (Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018), and contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. All products are lab-tested for quality assurance. Certificates of Analysis are available below.

Are these products legal in my state?

Our shipping policies typically govern which states we may send various product types to, per our legal counsel. However, it may not be completely reflective of laws in your state, which may not apply just to sales, but possession. We strive to be 100% compliant but still recommend you check local laws for most accurate restrictions, if any. 

Will I feel the effects?

Yes. Our products are very potent. 20mg of D9 THC, for instance, is often the dosage of an entire dispensary brownie. Please use caution, do not operate machinery, and keep these products away from minors. And if you have sensitivity to these products or have never tried them before, it may be best to consult a medical provider for advice.

How should I try hemp products the first time?

If you are new to edibles, THC, or have a low-dosage sensitivity, remember that the first time you try the product should not be to enjoy the full benefits, but rather to try varying amounts for their effects. Start with a corner of a gummy, or small puff. Effects can take time--even hours for edibles--so it’s best to slowly work up to what you feel is a comfortable dose, rather than biting off more than you can chew, so to speak. 

If you are absolutely new to this type of product, take a lesson from Alice and begin with ONLY a NIBBLE. And we mean 1/10th of the gummy or less. Especially if you are under 140lbs. We also recommend having a buddy or family member around just incase you need help.

Why are your prices so cheap?

Every industry has its Kirkland Signature, Everyday Essentials and all the other generics. Imagine if you took home the cheapest brand and found it to be the highest quality? We're not trying to get rich. We're trying to become your first choice, hands down, for great hemp products (because we love what we do and never want to stop).

Will the gummies melt?

The gummies are vegan and do not contain corn syrup, meaning they hold up surprisingly well when it gets hot. We’ve even tested this with a mailbox in the desert southwest; after several hours in 115-index heat, they were fine. 

How do I know if my jar seal is missing?

There are two types of jar seals: plastic (outside) and foam (inside). If you think your jar may be missing its seal, be sure to check the inside of your lid; the foam seal may have popped off when you opened it. We are attempting to phase out plastic rings and institute tamper-resistant labels in addition to the foam seal. Unfortunately with the global supply chain as it is, we are experiencing some difficulty in doing this smoothly. We appreciate your patience!

Do you test your products? 

Yes. We require testing for things like pesticides and metals, and only accept high-quality materials from all suppliers. View COA's here.

What's this white dust all over my gummy jars?

While our distribution office and manufacturing facility are separate, there are often chunks of pure sugar that accompany jars from one place to the next, and may cake around the jar tops or smear every now and then. TLDR: It IS sugar, and not your mail carrier’s dandruff.

Why is there a CA Prop 65 Warning?

This product can expose you to the terpene beta-myrcene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and THC, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Terpenes occur naturally in hemp/cannabis plants. Our THC is cleanly extracted and regularly tested (something we require from suppliers, and our credit card processors and insurance underwriters also require it).

Due to these reasons, the warning on our package is the same on almost all mass-produced hemp or cannabis products across the U.S. You can find more at the Prop 65 website.

What should I do if I feel too high?

If you need some ways to "come down" a little - we recommend this guide from GoodRX.

It should be said that if you have things "hanging over you" in a negative fashion, they can make ANY type of insobriety dangerous no matter what is used. While not common, for some a high can heighten stress or anxiety, inducing panic and other side effects. 

It doesn't help that the government has hampered scientific research on the effects of these products for decades.

These are the primary reasons to do your personal research regarding dosage, starting with small amounts. Please do not go "all in" for the sake of a party, impulse or not. Almost everyone has a "ate too much edible" story (or knows someone who does).

Like alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other things that affect our judgement, it is up to each of us to decide and control the dosage and our actions--or as your Grandpa would call it, "responsibility."


I can't ring up because it says things can't be shipped to my address.

Please check our Shipping Policies for any state or product restrictions, or contact us if the problem persists.

The Coupon Code discount didn’t apply.

Please contact us to apply the code and/or review your order.

I received the wrong items.

Please contact us to make it right!

I ordered apparel and hemp goods. Do they ship together?

All apparel is made to order and will ship separately; we appreciate your patience. 

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. Refunds and returns are free thirty days after receipt of the package as long as unopened. Contact us for shipping label; once received back we will credit your payment account, with funds appearing within 1-3 business days. See more on our Refund Policy page.

How do I buy wholesale? 

Please contact us and we'll direct you to our retailer application for brick and mortar businesses. Please note that larger orders are made to order and lead time is currently three weeks.


How do I change my subscription? 

Once logged in, navigate to "View and Edit Subscriptions," then "Manage Subscription." The system allows pausing or cancellation of a subscription after the 4th shipment; otherwise please contact us. You may also update address, products, and subscription date.

How do I change my subscription payment? 

Our subscription service will notify you if a payment fails. You should be able to make changes to payment information by using the 'change' directions above. Doing so should prompt the system to retry the charge and get you an installment. Please contact us if you are unable to update through the user portal and we can send an simple link.


How are packages sent? Are they fairly obvious?

Due to a TON of mail theft, our packages come from our DBA JohnsonConcept, LLC, in USPS Priority mailers and boxes. 

How long does it take to ship?

We fulfill within 1-2 business days, and shipping adds an additional 1-2 days (3 for rural areas). We appreciate your patience especially during holidays. Please note that these are estimates and that, much like lightning striking, some packages can be routed through Timbuktu for reasons beyond our control. Feel free to reach out to us if you have concerns.

If you package happens to be going through Timbuktu, we need to wait 15 days from send date before we can claim a lost package and send you a replacement.

Do you ship to business addresses?

Yes - but please do use "Attn: [Your name]" in the Address 2 field, unless you're ok with someone else opening the package. We aren't responsible if your boss fires you for being a moron.

I got an "Order Shipped" notification, but tracking shows only a label created.

Bless the USPS, they surely keep us on the edge of our seats. In most cases, everything is fine, except that a Post Office employee failed or forgot to scan a package when it was first accepted. Then it ships phantom-style until it shows up at your house. If 5 business days have passed since your "Order Shipped" notification and tracking still hasn't updated, feel free to contact us

I got a delivery notification but there's nothing there!

Many times the USPS will report that a package has arrived once it’s at the local post office (and not your house). While frustrating, in most cases, waiting one extra business day will result in delivery. If the package still hasn’t shown up within 48 Business Hours after being reported delivered, please contact us.


Where do you operate?

We operate out of Wisconsin. Check out our Company Information for details, or our About page for our story.

Can I visit your store?

Unfortunately no. We wholesale to stores in several areas across the U.S. -- or you can buy directly here online.

I'm interested in reviewing your store or products. Do you send free samples?

Please contact us for partnership or sponsorship opportunities. We do send free samples for the right channels.