Going National with New Bags

Going National with New Bags

In a world full of hemp snacks, finding the perfect balance between taste and fun can be a challenge. At ValuSesh, we believe that D9 gummies should be more than just a treat – they should provide an experience. Our products are crafted with love, care, and the finest ingredients to ensure every bite is a burst of happiness. The only thing we can’t do is scoop them right into your hands from our factory.

That said, finding consistent jars is a strange feat in this post-pandemic world; we salute all of you OG Customers who’ve weathered the jars this long, with their caked sugar and foam or plastic seals. It certainly isn’t easy to wedge that many gummies into the little things, and we hate to create even more waste by going bigger. So this spring we’ve decided to transition.

We are excited to announce a significant change: real satchels! To make our delightful gummies even more accessible and eco-friendly, we are transitioning to bag packaging. This new packaging not only keeps our candies fresher for longer but is also more convenient for on-the-go snacking (and easier and more consistent than the jars). The sleek, colorful design of our bags makes them easy to spot on store shelves and ensures our gummy candies are always at their freshest when you open a bag.

Those who purchase ValuSesh at stores around the country will be greeted first with the new packaging. Starting this month, you'll find our gummies in their vibrant new bags at your favorite local retailers. In addition, we’ve expanded the Assorted bags to include up to ten flavors, pushing the rainbow of fruity flavors to the max. Unlike those impotent low-dose celebrity chews, you’ll have to stop yourself from eating through your entire stash!

Our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Every gummy we produce undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our high standards of taste and texture. We’ll continue to stay the course online with jars until fully out of them – and then never again. 

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