Holiday Updates (Where’s the HHC and Seeds?)

Holiday Updates (Where’s the HHC and Seeds?)

Avid ValuSesh customers may have noticed that we had an entire collection of HHC suddenly disappear (gummies, prerolls) last week. And our new line of (fully legal) cannabis seeds also graced the top website banner for a brief moment before vanishing. What happened?

Well, so it goes, world finance happened. It appears Mastercard, and by extension, payment processors that use them, believes that HHC is the same as THC-O. We’d like to get into all the reasons that we have an entirely different belief rooted in basic chemistry–but that’s beside the point. The real story here is that governments do not have final say over what and how things are purchased; financial institutions do. And unless someone comes up with some way to accept cash over the internet or crypto goes mainstream, we’ll just have to find a different processor who accepts HHC. 

So all hope is not lost. Like the rest of the industry, that inventory will return. Meanwhile, we’re still wholesaling the product to interested retailers. 

Seeds are a totally different ballgame. Despite the DEA making it absolutely clear that they do not consider cannabis seeds as THC products (because the compound develops as they grow) – almost no payment processor will touch them. We’ve partnered with Cannapages to sell the Golden Afternoon Seed Medley from their site (you can use Venmo or Paypal). Of course planting the seeds would still be bad where cultivation of cannabis is illegal…in those areas this product is still a “novelty.” But it’s a steal at 10 seeds, 5 different feminized varieties, at our introductory price.

You’ll see 2ml THCA vape cartridges soon (along with the holiday sale to hook up a bunch for cheap). And we’ve got a whole slew of new D9 flavors coming in the new year, including some premium selections. Assuming Congress doesn’t shut down D8 next year (if the current productivity and consensus continue), the future is bright! After we jump through these stupid hoops.

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