You ask, we answer: Why do we have jar limits?

You ask, we answer: Why do we have jar limits?

People often inquire, why do you limit your purchases to five jars per gummy flavor (including our assorted)? Isn’t it best to just rack up as much money as possible? 

Yes and no. First, we’re not here for the money if you haven't noticed. We're here because we love this sh*t

Second, the answer takes context. When people find ValuSesh it’s a little like finding that diamond in the rough. Imagine, back in the day (hey old-schoolers) - remember calling 2-3 people looking for a satchel on a Friday afternoon? That was a precarious situation, almost like a bad carnival ride, where you never knew what you were gonna get, or if jumping too early meant missing better deals or quality. 

That anxiety still exists today. Stuff can still be hella expensive and half of it doesn't work.

We're proud to be the ultimate hookup. When people find ValuSesh, the tendency is to stock up as much as possible, like a chipmunk for winter. But in a few cases, we’re talking nuclear winter.

Back when we first started a few people whose red eyes were bigger than their stomachs were buying enough to stock a small store (even though we do offer wholesale for interested retailers). Fifty units might sound fairly routine for MARS candy or some other giant factory, but we’re small fries. A couple of orders like that out of nowhere, and we’re suddenly jumping to make due. 

Producing gummies takes a rhythm. A pulse, like a circulatory system, expecting a certain volume on a daily basis. The team behind these gummies numbers less than twenty people between two facilities. Not only do we craft small batches, but we’re firm on fully curing the sugary morsels before sending them your way. So we have to do what we can to make sure that “flow” is constantly moving and never damming us in a matter of speaking.

Love our Rabbit Hole Delta 9 or Wonderland Delta 8 gummies too? You can order time and time again, and yes, the limit is always 5 jars of each flavor per order. But look at it this way: it’s our only way to guarantee they’ll be there the next time you order, or at least our best hope given the awesome response to our new summer flavors.

Want to make sure you always have our gummies? Sign up for subscription and we’ll reserve your jar ahead of time. You can also switch out your assorted jar with one of our other flavors (just email us). We’re always here to help you chill.

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